[Version 0.10]

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    Sergii Alekseev
  • on 09.12.2022

What we have added new functionality:
👉Shortcuts - now you can trade faster🚀
👉Show/Hide order column in DOM
👉Close partially filled position

Fixed issues 40+ issues

🤞After closing an incomplete lot, a limit order appears in the footer of the DOM
🤞It is IMPOSSIBLE to close an incomplete lot through TT
🤞The line object is not positioned correctly in the new tab or window
🤞The order placed on Binance is canceled after it is edited in TT
🤞Sometimes the bid and ask buttons on the chart do not work the first click
and other😏

📃How to set up your shortcuts, please read this article

🛑If your shortcut doesn't work, it might be used by the chart or system itself.
Example: command+c will not work, because it's used by the system.

🔄The update must be available when you launch your application!
*Check for updates manually if it wasn't updated automatically👌